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Learn the EXACT steps I use to take memorable vacation photos
Taking out your big camera becomes just one more thing to think about.

When you take your DSLR on vacation you are met with many challenges...the light, settings, family annoyed about having to "pose" for a photo.

You want photos that are more than snapshots.

Join me for this FREE webclass where I will share exactly what you need to do to take memorable vacation photos while still being present. 

Go from snapshots to memorable photos!

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Courtney Slazinik

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What you will learn in this 
free webclass:
  •  How to move past the snapshot and capture memorable photos you want to share
  •  What photos you need to tell the complete story of your vacation
  •  How to take vacation photos your friends will ohhhh and ahhh over when looking at your photos on Facebook
  • ​This tips can be applied to your everyday life as well
  • ​And more...
    I’m Courtney, and I’ve been where you are.

    As a mom, I was super excited to capture images of my family and my children growing. But I didn’t have the skills.

    My photographs were flat and inconsistent – I just couldn’t translate or capture what I saw though my lens. I didn’t know how to find and work with light. How to position my subject. Or how to make my images come alive.

    That all changed when I cracked the code and learned the photography secrets that have helped me capture beautiful and lasting memories, simply.

    I share them all here, at Click it Up a Notch, where I’ve helped over 57,000 people unlock the power of their DSLR cameras and take better pictures of the day-to-day love and laughter in their lives.