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5 Lightroom Tips Every Photographer Should Know
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Learning where to start when it comes to editing. Figure out quick, easy steps to take to add that extra something to your photos.

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Courtney Slazinik

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What you will learn in this free webclass:
  • Turn dark underexposed images into bright photos
  • Get Lightroom to organize your photos for you
  • Edit over 50 images in a matter of seconds (say goodbye to editing your photos one at a time)
  • Adjust the colors of your photo so you get rid of that yellowish look
  • Confidently edit your images quickly 
  • Nail down your own editing style and how to apply that to all your photos
  • Learn how Lightroom can help you speed up your workflow
  • Quickly edit your images with a few simple steps
  • Use a 5-step process to add that "Wow" factor to your photos