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5 ACTIONABLE Tips to Better Everyday Photos
The fun, the firsts, the connections, and the chaos… those are the photos you really want.

Learn the EXACT techniques that I use daily to take beautiful images of my kids. 

Stop feeling frustrated with your camera and start taking control! 

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Courtney Slazinik

Click it Up a Notch
What you will learn in this free webclass:
  • What you should be asking yourself each time you pick up your camera
  • Importance of light in your photo for drawing your viewer to your subject & how to rock it
  • How to use your images to tell the story of their childhood
  • The one piece of equipment I wish I hadn't wasted my money on (and what you should buy instead)
  • #1 composition mistake that will kill your photo & what to do instead
  • One simple composition guide that can take your photo from flat to fabulous
  • How to draw your viewer into your photo
  • Learn to confidently capture the everyday moments of your life
  • 3 simple things you need to do EACH time you pick up your camera
  • The first photography composition lesson I learned that completely changed my images
  • How forgetting to take this one shot can impact the story you are telling
  • How to keep your kids from running from the camera (and want to take photos with you instead)
I’m Courtney, and I’ve been where you are.

As a mom, I was super excited to capture images of my family and my children growing. But I didn’t have the skills.

My photographs were flat and inconsistent – I just couldn’t translate or capture what I saw though my lens. I didn’t know how to find and work with light. How to position my subject. Or how to make my images come alive.

That all changed when I cracked the code and learned the photography secrets that have helped me capture beautiful and lasting memories, simply.

I share them all here, at Click it Up a Notch, where I’ve helped over 40,000 people unlock the power of their DSLR cameras and take better pictures of the day-to-day love and laughter in their lives.
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